Aspect Chamber Music Series was established to introduce and promote a novel concert format, ‘Music in Context’, which gives our audiences an opportunity to discover new aspects of music.

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All our concerts combine refined programming with inspiring talks by world-renowned speakers and musicians, transforming the traditional recital into an intimate and thought-provoking blend of performance, speech, and image.

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Our concerts start at 7.30pm, but we warmly invite you to join us at 7.00pm to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and socialize with fellow music-lovers at our pre-concert receptions.

From the founder

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The impulse to create this series came from the musicians I was fortunate enough to encounter – musicians who were not only excellent artists, but true intellectuals. Their profound knowledge of every aspect of the music they perform has significantly deepened my own perception of it.

The concept of ‘Music in Context’ seemed perfectly harmonious: musicians who are willing to share their skills, vision and knowledge are given a forum to do so; members of the audience, eager to nurture their minds and souls, are given an opportunity to experience music in a particular artistic context and to hear the insights of those intimately familiar with it.

Our concept is continuously evolving. Whether we inquire into the composer’s mindset at the time of the music’s creation or investigate the mysteries of his or her creative process; whether we delve into the history of the music and into the spirit of its time or explore the literary, philosophical or historical influences on the music, we always endeavor to set the context for each musical piece. We strive to enable the audience to decipher the meaning of the music, and to find an individual connection with it.

Join us, and become a part of this unique and exhilarating experience…

It’s more than a concert... 


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Our idea to establish a non-profit chamber music concert series has been met with great enthusiasm. We pride ourselves on being about art for art’s sake. Therefore, our approach to programming is completely non-commercial and the success of our series depends solely on the support of our audience, in every possible sense.

If you are enthusiastic about our approach to music and programming, if you are excited about our concept and our wonderful performers, then please become our friend and supporter and enable us to bring you more of our captivating and enriching events.

By becoming our friend and supporter, you will be a part of our concert series and your contribution will be greatly appreciated, regardless of the amount.

In return, we will be happy to offer you the following benefits:

  • Advance information about our events

  • Priority bookings and VIP seats

  • Backstage access and invitations to post-concert receptions with the performers and other friends of the concert series

  • An opportunity to attend pre-concert rehearsals

  • Ticket discounts and special offers

  • A named credit in concert programs (unless you prefer for your name to remain undisclosed)

If you share our passion for music and arts, join us and help us continue to bring together exceptional artists and speakers who in turn will bring to you the unique experience of ‘Music in Context’.

To give us your support, please email irina@aspectfoundation.net. To become part of our loyal audience, please sign up using the ‘Join our mailing list’ form below so that we can keep you informed about our upcoming events.


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